Coaches and Leaders

Coach in Running Fitness

Stubbington Green Runners volunteer Coaches in Running Fitness undertake a 3 day training course and a formal assessment day and must already be active leaders or coaches who have completed as a minimum a Level 1, LiRF or Coaching Assistant qualification to undertaken the course. The course involves learning how to coach endurance running on a variety of surfaces, how to plan a progressive training programme for runners, helping them to develop towards their specific goal. Once qualified CiRF's are insured to coach without supervision, working with Coaching Assistants and Leaders in Running Fitness to support in the delivery of sessions. For more information click here.

Club Coaches

 mike-white 02

 penny-forse 04b

julie-ashman 05  phil-hobby 07 lisa donn 05b tina chantrey

Run Leaders

Stubbington Green Runners volunteer Run Leaders become qualified for their role by attending a one day "Leadership in Running Fitness" (LiRF) training course facilitated by England Athletics. This qualifies and insures leaders to deliver safe and fun running sessions to multi-ability groups and to give advice and support to new runners, as well as supporting those who want to progress. The course focuses on understanding and overcoming barriers to participation in running and how to increase participation by those not traditionally attracted to a running club. It is a legal requirement that all run leaders also have a DBS check with UK Athletics. For more information click here.

Our Run Leaders are listed below along with the sessions they normally attend. 

julie-ashman 05
(Mon, Thurs)
phil-hobby 07
(Mon, Weds, Thurs) 
mike-white 02
euan-mcgrath 05

lisa donn 05b
(Tues (am), Wed)

victoria joel 05b
mark mcdonald 04b
(Mon, Weds)
marie mcdonald 05b
(Mon, Weds)
(Mon, Thurs)
tina chantrey
(Fri (am))

sadie bedford 02b
marcus lee 04b
(Mon, Tues)
rob greenwood 04
(Mon, Tues)
francis lord
(Mon, Tues, Thurs)
brigid hone
(Mon, Wed)
haydn brown
chris stapleford
(Mon, Wed, Thurs)

Natalie Flack

(Mon, Wed)

Tom Mellor


Andy Donn





Nigel Whitcher

(Mon, Thurs)