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The club’s Executive Committee consists of up to 10 Members, and contact details are below. All the committee members are volunteers and run the club for the benefit of its members. Elections take place annually at the AGM in February. Other specific club positions include: HRRL Rep; Cross Country Captain;  Green Runner Editor; 10k Race Director; RR10 Coordinator; Southern Cross Country Coordinator; Webmaster and Mental Health Champion.

Please note that our Mental Health Champion is Helen Nash who can be contacted at;

Our Club Welfare Officers are:

Kevin Ashman; 

Louise Tanner:











Kevin Ashman, Chairman and Club Welfare Officer

My name is Kevin Ashman and I am now into my 9th year as chairman of Stubbington Green Runners and before that was secretary for 5 years so have been involved with the committee in some capacity for quite a few years!

My work career spanned some 32 years working for IBM in many different finance and commercial management roles before taking early retirement just over 10 years ago so I could perfect the role of doing absolutely nothing which I seemed to have mastered quite well. Married to  Julie for nearly 32 years, we have two children.

I started my running career at school where I was a fair to middling cross country runner – I think my low centre of gravity seemed to help and I always seemed to finish in the top 5 or so of runners in my year as we ran through the fields to the north of Fareham and back to Prices School which used to be opposite where the Fareham Leisure centre is today.

I then took a short 38 year break from running whilst I indulged in other activities which were slightly less strenuous including many years playing for Sarisbury Green tennis club which is where Julie and I met. I decided that having retired I did need to get fitter than I had been previously so the initial idea was to spend a lot more time out on the bike but after a while I came to the conclusion that was way too dangerous in England given the space that a lot of motorists seem to want to give cyclists. By this time Julie had been a member of Stubbington Green Runners for about 5 years so I thought why not come and join them as well as they seemed like a smallish and friendly club and they most definitely were – the only difference today being we are a lot bigger but still really friendly.

Since 2011 I have enjoyed starting my running career all over again and have managed to run two marathons,  Brighton in 2012 and Paris in 2014 which were really enjoyable especially Paris which I ran once and supported two other occasions when Julie has been running. I guess my running highlight was setting myself a challenge of running a sub 50 minute 10k and then managing to do 49.28 at the 2013 Eastleigh 10k. Running was going really well and the improvement I was seeing for an old guy was really pleasing but then I started to get pain in my right knee and after an MRI I was diagnosed as having Osteoarthritis and no Cruciate ligament in the knee so was advised by the first specialist I saw that I should stop running and would probably need a knee replacement shortly. Not accepting this I saw a second consultant who said he could inject some gel into the knee which would help and nearly six years later I am still managing to get out for a run albeit these days 5/6 miles is probably my limit which probably explains why I am hoping to do nearly 9 miles in the Lake District in July if we have managed to get back to normal by then!

Since the running has decreased the supporting has increased whether its Julie with her 78 marathons/ultras runs or generally supporting all of Stubbington Green in the so many different races that are available these days. I also have enjoyed Race Directing the 10k for the past four years with the wonderful support team that I have around me. Assuming things get back to normal I am looking forward to handing over these particular reins although I will still be around to offer any advice and guidance my experience can give. I am also looking forward to getting back to my supporting role and cheering on everybody in this great running club and continuing to be involved in our great sessions and other events that we put on. Thank you for reading.


Captured on 29-07-2020 by Mike Bell Photography.








Louise Tanner, Vice-Chair and Club Welfare Officer 

If anyone had told me at school that I’d be running marathons and be on the committee of a running club when I reached my 40s, I would never have believed them!

Some background on me… Born in 1975 I grew up in Southampton and moved to London in 1999 where I lived and worked until I moved back “down South” in 2006. After moving back I met Darren who I am now married to and we live in Warsash with our daughter, Amelie (born in 2011) and dog (a miniature schnauzer) called Spencer.

Since leaving school I had discovered the buzz that you get from exercise and was a regular at the gym but my deep rooted belief that I couldn’t run stayed with me so I’d never tried . It was only when I approached my 40s that, after watching Darren lace up and go running most days, I decided I wanted to conquer it and downloaded the couch to 5k app. Completing my first 5k was a huge personal achievement for me and shortly after I started going along to parkruns and joined Stubbington Green Runners (SGR) in early 2016…. from there grew my complete love of running and I am now proud to say that I am a marathon and ultra marathon runner and love both sociable running with friends and really challenging myself in races.

Running has been a life changer for me; achieving something you never thought was possible is incredibly empowering and I have a strong belief that if I can run, anyone can. It’s this belief that led me to a change of career after 25 years and train as an England Athletics running coach and nutrition consultant; there is nothing more rewarding than helping someone else with their running journey. I coach weekly sessions with the club and, with Darren and Amelie also being SGR members, we can be regularly seen at races and events either running for or supporting the club in all our green glory!









Lisa Donn, SGR Committee Member. 

Few personal details… I am 47 years old and married to Andy (also a Stubby!), we live in Peel Common with our 15 year old son Samuel (another Stubby!) and our dog Bluey (a blind Miniature Schnauzer – not a Stubby!)

When I researched for this, I was surprised to discover that I have been a member of SGR since March 2011! I started running back in 1999, purely for weight loss, but then ran the Great South that year and got hooked!

I bimbled around with my running on and off and then stopped for a while when I had my son Samuel, back in 2004. Slowly got myself back into it, again for weight loss, but also for the headspace I then needed as a new mum!

Realising I needed races to keep me focused and committed, I started entering a lot in 2011. That was when I discovered Stubbington Green Runners too. Like many of us I didn’t consider myself a “proper runner” and couldn’t imagine they’d let me join 😉

Since then I have progressed my distances and found that I love trail running. My enjoyment from running can be from a nice long chatty run with friends, a short sharp interval session or a tough endurance road marathon. They all give me different rewards. I do love a medal still and last count I was proud to find I have completed 4 ultra’s and 18 marathons so far…with more booked for whenever they can be held.

My biggest achievement so far is completing the Ultimate Trails 55k last July. I loved every single second of it, even the training! Such a beautiful run to do and tested me in ways no other run had!

I have been a coach for the club for 3 years and a leader for I think about 5 years. Both are hugely rewarding and remind me why I love running so much.

This last year I have been fortunate enough to change my hobby into my full-time job too! Coaching and training in all weathers, life doesn’t get much better than that!









Andy Simpson, Men’s Captain

In my twilight years of running which has seen me wearing the Green vest since 2002.  I’m still as competitive as ever and love nothing better than winning and beating runners younger than me!

So a little bit of background on me.  I was born in Rochdale, up north and a proud Northerner/ Lancastrian.  I have been married 19 years to the lovely Michelle and have 3 children Stacey, Chloe and Ryan plus the laziest dog in the world Rogan!  I work in food manufacturing for Natures Ways which supply salads and coleslaws for the big supermarkets and to food franchises which works on a 24 hour shift basis.

I have done a couple of roles in the club where I have been the Cross Country Secretary for 5 years and 7 years as the Men’s Captain.  I do love the role as Captain, helping runners in the club and organising teams for races.  Anyone who knows me will know that I can get very passionate, loud cheering and supporting our runners in at races!!

My first race in Green was the Butser Hill Race which Chris Hall the then Men’s Captain, suggested I should do at the time.  I can’t remember where I finished but enjoyed the hill immensely.  Over the years I’ve done too many races to count and loved the competitive nature of racing and going for times, that has not dwindled over the years but the body is creaking these days and normally susceptible to the odd injury or two during the year.  The racing season never ends as you can race all year round and I do when I’m not working at weekends.  What are my best memories of racing?  My first race ever was at Caldershaw Primary School cross country where all the age groups raced together and I was promised a Caldershaw Primary School Jumper if I finished in the top 3 by my parents.  I was racing against girls and boys two years old than me and I don’t think they expected me to come in the top 3!  Well I like a challenge and I had storming race to finish 3rd and get the jumper.  My finest racing year was the year when I turned 40 and set most of my current PBs.   The best race I probably ever ran was the Loch Ness Marathon 2013, you got dropped off by bus near the Loch and then ran along the side of the Loch and back in to Inverness for the crowd finish.  I did one of my trademark starts and found myself leading the race and running the first mile in just over 5 mins, it was a downhill start!  At about 5 miles in I made the decision to let the group of 5ish runners go off as they were running just slightly faster than I wanted to.  For the next 19 miles I didn’t see a single runner till mile 24 when I could see I was closing in on one runner, went past him and then at 25 miles caught another one.  I crossed the line in 2 hours 41 minutes 42 seconds PB which was good enough for 6th placed overall and 1st vet 40 and won £100 sports voucher and The Highland Quaich a shallow drinking cup.  It’s ironic as I would have never done this race if London Marathon had accepted my half marathon time of 75.03 for Championship Entry but I was outside the qualifying time by 3 seconds and my appeal failed.  The year after I got the Championship entry for London.

I love to run off and there is no better place to play then running on the 100 miles of the South Downs Way which is also my favourite race of the year and the greatest running day I’ve been part of when 6 runners pelt as faster as they can for 3 non-consecutive legs over the 100 miles.

When lockdown is lifted, I will look forward to getting back to racing and supporting our members at races.









Mike White, Club Coach

Hi, I’m Mike White, married to Judi White and we’ve been together now for over 40 glorious years. I have two stepson’s Jared and Adam and four grandchildren. We’re now both retired, Judi was a legal secretary and I spent my career as a government scientist after completing a PhD in Physics at Bristol University in the mid1980s.

I was born and brought up in Salisbury and started running a little when still living at home. Early on, I dabbled in other physical training activities such as weight training (power lifting) and Tae Kwon Do, but what really gripped me later was Triathlon, which was my main sport from the mid-90s onwards. This became a bit of an obsession and I’ve competed in over 50 Triathlons and Duathlons and represented GB in age group competition 12 times in many places abroad.  Key achievements for me were completing Ironman Europe at Frankfurt in 10hrs 35min back in 2008 and winning the Standard distance triathlon National Age Group Championships in 2009 and again in 2018.  Coming from a science background, I am particularly interested in the sports science aspects of training and I’m always keen to learn more as well as to pass on my own experiences of training and competing over the years.

I love to run, on all kinds of different terrain, for all kinds of distances and in almost any weather. It’s always a great way to escape and lose yourself in the moment, feeling at one with nature. You can challenge yourself with something difficult or just get out there for an easy run, just you and world around you. Over the years I’ve discovered that with running I’m most competitive at distances of over 20miles and where the terrain is hilly, muddy and difficult, hence my trail running persona “The Old Goat”.

Coaching others is now as important to me as doing my own running. Running is a basic primeval human ability, but what I find fascinating is how we all do it slightly differently. We can often recognise someone we know from their running style a mile off and who’s to say what the best running style is? There are techniques guidelines about how to run more efficiently but everyone’s body works slightly differently, so as a coach I see it as my job to point out options for people to experiment with.  There’s no right way or wrong way, just slightly different ways to run.  I really enjoy talking about all of this with fellow runners, helping them to experiment and hopefully, helping them to improve, gain confidence and get the most from their running.

Best wishes and see you out running soon, Mike.









Sara McRitchie, Ladies’ Captain

My name is Sara and I have been a member of the club since 2012. I first joined the committee as a committee member and the HRRL representative before becoming the Vice Chairman.

I live in Fareham with my two Sons, Jordan and Kyle who are both members of the club and so also is my Partner Stuart.

I started running back in 2003 whilst I was living in Scotland, for weight loss and started off running on a treadmill. After doing this for a little while, I decided to put my new learnt skill into running a race and ran the Race for Life. Having loved taking part in an event, I signed up afterwards to a running club and for a Half Marathon.

In 2010 I ran my first marathon in Edinburgh. I loved this introduction into marathon running but did say afterwards, never again!

Later in 2010, I moved back South and joined SGR. I lost my mojo for running for a little while and didn’t stick to staying with the club.

A year later Jordan joined the club and encouraged me to come back. In 2012 I put on the Green vest and ran my first race for the Club at the Great South Run.

Since then my running has gone from strength to strength and I have run many 10k’s, half marathons and full marathons in my Green Vest, and have completed a few ultras. I love taking on the trails and getting muddy and competing at road races. The majority of my best days out, have been with the club when we have a stubby away day’s and having the support and encouragement of your fellow club members.

I am a run Leader for the club and love organising group runs and my Friday night hill group.

My biggest achievement was training for and completing the Guernsey Ultra, 36 miles around Guernsey. Mentally and Physically this was the hardest challenge I have taken on, and I loved every second of it.

My proudest race was being luckily enough to get a club place for the London Marathon in 2018.

So far, I have now completed 36 marathons, so much for saying after Edinburgh never again!!!

In my role as Vice Chairman I have organised many social events for the club and hope that we can get back to socialising together in 2021. As we are a very sociable club!

I have made so many great friends with SGR and just love meeting up with friends from the club to either encourage others, to having a chatty run or to get the competitive part of me going!

There is something special about putting on the Green Vest and representing the club, it certainly puts an extra spring in your step.









Sarah Barron, Treasurer

I am Sarah Barron and have been the club treasurer since 2017. I am an accountant working in practice, specialising in tax advice for large corporates and charities.

I have two adult sons. Whilst both enjoy cycling and climbing they don’t share my love of running, yet. I live in hope. My partner Andrew is a runner, and is now a Stubbie having run for many years as a Ryde Harrier.

I hated sports at school, particularly running. I was always the puffed out weedy one at the back. I started doing fitness classes in the eighties and fully embraced the Lycra. My first excursion into running was doing the Race for Life with a friend in 1998, by 2000 I had worked my way up to doing the Great South Run. I contented myself with doing those two and the occasional Stubbie 10k for many years. I was in training for the 10k when I met Andrew in 2011. He suggested that if I could run 10k, I could do a half marathon and there was a nice one coming up in Vienna. He then persuaded me that if I could do a half, I could do the marathon I had always seen as completely unachievable.

I joined Stubbington whilst training for my first marathon, Manchester 2013 and have done a few more since then.

My greatest running day has to be the day I became Ultra Barron. 38 miles over some of the finest bits of the Lake District. It was quite a journey to get there, fighting injury the year before, my fear of falling off a mountain and puffing my way up hills with my none too functional lungs. But I made it and the Stubbie support crew were there to shout me home. The pint of Wainwright’s that night was the best beer ever.

I love turning out in my green shirt, representing the club and meeting up for training sessions. Sitting on the committee gives a great insight into the work that goes into making sure we keep this fantastic club healthy and active for everyone . I qualified as a Run Leader in 2020 and have since qualified as a Coach in Running Fitness. I enjoy taking our A group for a sociable run and also coaching sessions. My aims in coaching are to give anyone, no matter what their pace or experience, the opportunity to train and achieve their ambitions.









Marcus Lee, SGR Committee Member

Hi I’m Marcus Lee.  I have been a member of Stubbington Green Runners since 2005.  I’m married to Caz with a daughter Abigail that many of the members will recognise from supporting the club and myself at various events.  Having been a member for some years I took up a role as general committee member in 20xx to try to give back something to the club.

I’m a professionally qualified engineer and have worked in various high-tech industries but try not to talk about it too much as I would much prefer to talk about anything else, particularly running and sport in general!!

I originally joined SGR having just run the London Marathon in 2005 for which I trained on my own and found it really challenging.  I decided it might be much easier to join a club – and yes, I now know I should have joined earlier!!  I really enjoyed both the social and competitive sides of the club and try to make as many sessions as I can manage with work and family commitments.

I am a Run Leader and regularly take out groups on a Monday night.  My most/least memorable session was when I lost several members of my group and then some of the search party organised to find them! The moral of this is to always listen to the leader’s route instructions – no names will be mentioned here… Having owned up to this mishap, I still get abuse to this day.

Some of my highlights running for SGR are completing London 2015 in front of my family – I managed to see Caz and a then 7 year old Abigail at 16 miles and then just after the finish funnel – and ran 45 seconds under my target time; running in a number of the South Downs Relay teams for the club including wining the B team event and a few 2nd places and also in 2019 becoming the first SGR member to complete one hundred RR10 events which I have really enjoyed over the years.

I have made some lifelong friends running with SGR and the training/races/long runs have been a great source of friendship, support and motivation over the years.



Debbie Adams, Secretary

Well, Club Secretary for Stubbington Green Runners. Who would have thought it!!

I joined the club in April 2018, and completed the beginners course which culminated in my first ever 5k at Lee on the Solent Parkrun in June 2018. My memory of that day still stays with me today. It is of the amazing support I received that day from “The Green Army” – our amazing members, fellow SGR runners and supporters. Two amazing SGR ladies ran with me that day, Sue and Sandy, and they got me through to the end!! I loved it and was hooked. Over the years I have completed 2 half marathons (which are my top running achievements), of which I am very proud!! I am still firm friends with my fellow 2018 beginners, who are all still members of the club.

Running and being a club member has given me so many positives –  Health wise I am fitter than I have ever been. I have made long lasting friendships. I have been involved in a bi-annual charity 10k and so much more !!

I am married to Jon, also a fellow SGR member, and have a daughter Phoebe. We retired last year and I was given the opportunity to become the Club Secretary. I was delighted, as this is an opportunity to give something back to this fantastic club.

My career was in banking – 31 years for a well known high street bank. Then I was a payroll officer for a Multi Acadamy Trust of 5 schools. So I have many transferable skills that will be very useful in the Secretary role.

I hope to meet as many of you as possible, and I am here should you need anything from me.