Time Trials

The club holds Time Trials every month throughout the summer and also during the winter periods.

The idea of the time trials is for runners to see their improvement with training throughout the year.

Adding fun to these trials, we will be looking to highlight time improvements runners achieve each time. The men and women who improve the most off their time trial results compared to their previous best from last year, (or from this year if they did not record a time last year), will receive recognition and a small prize.

We also do a random spot prize every time trial which all runners and helpers on the night are included in.

Summer Time Trial (May – September)

We start at Eric Road by the Shell Garage.

There are two start times, to get everyone to finish about the same time. So people looking to run 4 miles in over 35 minutes start at 6.45pm at Eric Road. For people under 35 minutes, we start at 7.00pm. As people progress with their times below 35 minutes they will move up to the 7pm start time, which will in turn help runners to improve their times, so a great win win.

Across the 6 summer time trials we are looking for the biggest improvers.  To make this fair, we are looking to time band people again, so people can compete with similar paced runners.

At the end of the Time Trial Summer season, the winners will be the people in each band who improved the most time off their season’s best, versus the best time they posted over the last 2 years’ time trials and will receive a prize.  If you didn’t run in a Time Trial in the last 2 years don’t worry, we will take the first time that you post this season.

After the time trial there is the option for post hydration in the Red Lion

The committee have agreed to support with time keeping and results, if anybody who is not running on the night wants to help out, then we will gratefully receive your help and if you could please contact Andy Simpson (via email) or on Facebook that would be great.

We as committee look forward to seeing everyone’s improvements. Enjoy the runs and have fun.

Winter Time Trial (October – March)

  • To ensure that we stick to the latest Covid rules we will be setting people off in groups of 5 at 5-minute intervals. Please do not arrive at the Green until 5 minutes before your start time. You can then use the Green to do your own warm up exercises and drills, remembering to keep your 2m distance from others.
  • You will need to pre-book for the time trial and we will then allocate you a time. The plan is for the first slot to start at 6pm. If you need a later slot to give you time to get back from work, please let us know  – we are planning for the last slot to be at 7pm unless all the other slots are full (in which case we will look to extend this).
  • We need to ensure that runners are spread evenly across the allocated slots so if we don’t get enough interest we will consider adjusting the timings.
  • PLEASE NOTE: you will time yourselves and then give us your time straight after you finished.
  • Please feel free to catch your breath afterwards but don’t hang around in large groups afterwards and make sure you are social distancing during the run and at the end. Please depart a maximum of 5 minutes after you have given your result in.
  • Please be mindful of the public when running the route and give them space. Also be careful of crossing the roads, particularly when it gets dark and ensure that you wear high viz clothing.

As always, we will have the biggest female and male improver each month and the randomator.  These prizes won’t be given out on the night due to the time slot system so at a later date or at the next time trial for the winners.

View a map of the route here.

(The route is well lit but there are a number of safety points which will be briefed on the night before the start of each wave).

Dates for the 2020/21 Winter Time Trials are:

29th October 2020

November 2020 – Virtual event due to ‘lockdown2’ (see members only facebook page for details)

December 2020 – To be confirmed