Renew your Stubbington Green Runners membership:

To renew your membership for the following year, please complete the following process;

  • Log into the England Athletics portal (MyAthletics) and check that your details are up to date and accurate. Make any changes that are needed.
  • Complete the short form below…

Remaining a member of Stubbington Green Runners (SGR) means we will collect certain information about you which will include your name, address, date of birth, gender, email address and telephone number. We will process your data on the basis of legitimate interests set out in the club Privacy Policy. There is a consent requirement when completing/renewing your membership with Stubbington Green Runners as well as with England Athletics.

If you tick the GDPR consent box below we will store your personal data on the England Athletics (EA) Membership portal.

Please note that you have to affiliate with England Athletics (UKA) if you ever want to compete for the Club under the UKA rulebook.

If you have any questions about the continuing privacy of your personal data when it is shared with EA, please contact

If you decide not to affiliate with England Athletics (UKA) and then decide at a later date that you want to compete for the Club you will need to complete the UKA application form which can be found on our website (UKA Registration page).

You can access the MyAthletics Portal here.

In accordance with the SGR Privacy Policy which is available here, failure to renew within 6 months It will be assumed that Members who have not renewed by 1st October do not wish to continue their membership. Their information will be removed from the database.

Complete this form to renew your SGR membership:

    Alternatively, if you have not provided GDPR consent and therefore do not have access to the EA portal, please complete a “New Membership” form.

    Thanks for submitting your renewal application, we are are delighted that you’ve chosen to renew for a further year. Your renewal will now be processed by the Club Secretary who will send you a payment request; please note that this is a manual process and could take up to 14 days.