Stubbington Green Runners offers a wide variety of training opportunities throughout each week led by our qualified Coaches and Run Leaders. Our club aim is to cater for a wide range of abilities and to be inclusive.

IMPORTANT: We are now starting to reintroduce sessions and group runs in line with England Athletics and Government guidance. These are taking place most week days but the number of attendees is limited. We are looking into booking systems but in the meantime, members can book onto sessions by using the closed Facebook group “SGR Sessions and Group Runs”. If you are a member and do not have a Facebook account, please contact the Chairman or the Secretary to discuss the alternative methods available to you. 

Training opportunities at Stubbington Green Runners

Stubbington Green Runners offers two types of organised training and also encourages self-organised Members runs.

  1. Organised Group Runs at our club nights on Monday and Wednesday evenings led by our Run Leaders.
  2. Coached Training Sessions designed by our Coaches to help members improve their running in order to meet their own running goals (see locations below).
  3. We also encourage members of a similar ability to get together informally for #MembersRuns and to advertise these on the club’s closed group on Facebook.

1. Organised Group Runs

MONDAY 6.30pm – A steady group run catering for all abilities. The meeting point is the Solent Hotel, Whiteley (meet in car park).

WEDNESDAY 6.45pm – A steady group run catering for all abilities. The meeting point is Crofton Community Centre (meet in the car park).

These are our main club nights and we provide a number of different group runs structured according to pace and distance, each being led by a qualified run leader.  We are always supportive and encouraging to everyone and there will be frequent re-groups and run backs to ensure that nobody gets left behind. Our club aims to cater for a wide range of abilities and to be inclusive; as such we have various different groups to suit several running abilities.  The group runs are always very friendly, they’re a chance to meet new people or to chat with friends as you enjoy running together.

Group A – 3 to 4 miles at a pace in the range 10:30 to 13 minutes per mile. This group can be suitable for those who have just started running or may be returning to running after a period away.

Group B – 5 to 6 miles at a pace in the range 8:30 to 10:30 minutes per mile.

Group C – 6.5 to 7.5 miles at a pace in the range 7 to 8:30 minutes per mile.

You will find that you get the most out of your run if you select the run group that best matches your abilities.

The leader will make sure that everyone is nicely warmed up with some dynamic stretches and mobilisation exercises. The specific route taken for a run is chosen by the leader on the night but they will normally describe this before the start.

There are a number of set routes that we often use and in the Summer this can include tracks and paths through Whiteley Woods on Mondays. In the Winter, safe running is assured along planned routes that are well-lit roads & paths and members are encouraged to wear suitable high visibility clothing.

Here are some of the routes often used on Mondays from Whiteley;

Whiteley Forest Track 4/5 miles

Whiteley Paths Clockwise 5 mile Route with places to cut out bits to reduce mileage

Whiteley Paths Anti-Clockwise 5 mile Route with places to cut out bits to reduce mileage
As above but in reverse

Whiteley Paths Lady Betty Anti-Clockwise Route 4.87 miles (cut out Sweethills for 4 mile route)

Whitely Paths Lady Betty Clockwise Route 4.87 miles (cut out Sweethills for 4 mile route)
As above route, but in reverse

Out of Whiteley 5 miles

Off Whiteley B Group 6 miles – Swanwick Lane, Hamble River Route

Off Whiteley B Group 5.4 miles – Swanwick Lane, Sarisbury Hill (A27)

For the more adventurous, on Mondays there is often an additional off road run option through Whiteley Woods, (this continues right through the Winter months using head torches).  The pace and distance is compatible with B to C group runners as advertised the week before and on Facebook.  This run is led by someone who is very experienced in off road running and is always very happy to give guidance and help to anyone who is a bit nervous about it or who would like to give off road running a go for the first time.

2. Coached Training Sessions

The club offers coached training sessions right through the week to help members improve their running ability and meet their personal running goals.  We meet at the venues below, (always in the car park). A schedule of the training offered is published 3 months in advance and can be found HERE.

MONDAY 6.30pm – The meeting point is the Solent Hotel, Whiteley

TUESDAY 9:30am – The meeting point is Crofton Community Centre

TUESDAY 7pm – The meeting point is normally Locks Heath Sports Ground sometimes Titchfield Boxing club (see published schedule)

WEDNESDAY 6.45pm – The meeting point is Crofton Community Centre

THURSDAY 9.30am – The meeting point is the Solent Hotel, Whiteley

THURSDAY 6.30pm – The meeting point is either Sarisbury Green Centre or Crofton Community Centre  (see published schedule)

FRIDAY 9:30am – The meeting point is Crofton Community Centre

Note that once a month on a Thursday we hold a club Time Trial in place of the coached session.

The coached sessions include things such as; short run repetitions at different paces and distances, working on hills or on the flat, on the road, pavement, grass or shingle, working in pairs or as a group.  The sessions also include warm up, mobilisation, running drills (exercises to help improve your running form), cool down and stretches. All our sessions are designed to be suitable for all abilities so you are free to choose the ones which best suit your availability.  Everyone is very supportive, the sessions are great fun and always leave you with a good sense of achievement. You can find out more about this by contacting the club coach at:

3. Members Run

There is great benefit in people of a similar running ability to meet up for continuous runs where the sustained pace is appropriate to everyone in the group without the need for run backs or too much re-grouping. To enable more athletes/runners to benefit from this type of training, we have #MembersRun. These runs can be set up by anyone in the club to take place at any time or location.

This means simply that if you are planning a run and would like the company of similar paced runners from the club, you can post it on the SGR Members Facebook Group. Title your post #MembersRun, (or just include this word somewhere in the text) and include the approximate distance, pace and planned meeting location and time. Other runners can then search for your post using #MembersRun and come and join in.

This type of self-organised activity applies equally to all pace abilities, but runners must realise that they will not be led by a club coach or leader and therefore the runs are undertaken entirely at the runners own risk.