Mentorship Scheme

There are a number of our members within the club who have kindly put their names forward to be a mentor for other runners to share their experiences.  A mentor is someone who can provide a less experienced person help and advice over a period of time.

Please find below a list of members who have offered to mentor and their area of expertise. Please feel free to contact them – probably via private message is the best way. Otherwise please email the Club Chairman who can put you in contact with them.

John Blake10k
Frances Lord 10k
Marcus Lee10kHalf Marathon
Sara McRitchie10kHalf Marathon
Lynsey Adamson10kHalf Marathon
Greg Rowe10kHalf Marathon
Marie McDonald10kHalf MarathonMarathon
Sarah Barron10kHalf MarathonMarathon
Jon LeighMarathon
Russell ColemanMarathon
George HowarthMarathonUltra Marathon
Julie AshmanMarathonUltra Marathon
Nigel WhitcherMarathonUltra MarathonTriathlon
Mike WhiteMarathonTriathlon
Ann BlakeTriathlon
Steve CumesTriathlon