Running With Dogs

SGR is a dog friendly running club and we aim to encourage responsible pet owners to run with their dogs when they are out running on suitable paths and tracks. For the dogs well-being it is important to remember that they will always need regular drinks when running, particularly in warmer weather. Also, like humans, if not used to running for longer distances, they will need to be introduced to this progressively over a number of weeks and months. Young dogs and puppies should not be run until they are old enough to avoid damage to their growing bones. (See guidance on puppy training elsewhere). A number of our organised runs and social events will be suitable for members to participate with their dogs and these will be identified clearly by the club.

SGR’s regular organised training sessions and group runs are not suitable for dogs to attend and members will not be permitted to bring their dogs.  However, the club has decided to offer a limited number of specific organised dog friendly training runs where dogs will be welcome. Where this is the case, it will be indicated clearly in the training schedule and in any other communications about the session concerned.   (Note that if dogs are not mentioned specifically in the session description, it means that they are not permitted to attend).

The club has taken out public liability insurance to cover our dog friendly runs and it is essential that dogs are kept under control at all times and on a suitable lead for running. This will also ensure that the presence of dogs does not detract from the enjoyment of the run for everyone else.  Our insurance cover allows running with one dog per person only.

Note that #membersruns, are organised informally by individual members and as such, are not club events.  Whether or not dogs are invited to take part will be entirely up to the individuals concerned and will be at their risk.

For further information or if there are any questions about running with dogs please contact: and